Duane Bennett

Department Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering University of California, Davis
Mailing Address Dept of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering One Shields Avenue University of California Davis, CA 95616-5294
Email dabennett@ucdavis.edu
Phone 530-752-4473
Fax 530-752-6714
Office 1005 Academic Surge


    Senior Development Engineer, Advanced Highway Maintenance and Construction Technology Research Center


    Analyze and formulate conceptual solutions to improve the safety and effectiveness of various Caltrans highway maintenance tasks. Create innovative designs in regard to automated equipment and technical systems development. Generate research project proposals and budgets inregards to the deployment of automated equipment, self-contained mobile platforms and technical systems. Create detailed designs, build prototypes, integrate electrical and hydraulic systems, develop and program controllers and manage small engineering groups. Conduct field testing evaluation of original equipment, analyze results and provide operator training, maintenance schedules and safety procedures. Prepare detailed documentation, reports and presentations.

25 years’ experience in project development engineering

  • CAD solid modeling (SolidWorks) and finite element analysis
  • Machine power and control system design and fabrication
  • Automated systems design and fabrication
  • Electrical and hydraulic system design and fabrication
  • Control system programming: PLC, PAC, LabVIEW, graphical interfaces, Visual C++
  • Performance and evaluation testing
  • Tooling and fixture design and fabrication

35 years’ experience in precision machining and fabrication

  • Journeyman Machinist and Model Maker
  • General welding
  • Sheet metal fabrication
  • CNC programming


  • Bachelors of Science in Mechanical Engineering California State University at Sacramento
  • Electronics Technician certificate, Mission college Santa Clara, CA

Sample Publications

    1. Embedded PC Control System for a Highway Crack Sealing Machine; Feng, X., Bennett, D.A. and Velinsky, S.A., Proceedings of the 1998 ASME Design Technical Conference, Paper #DETC98/CIE-5531.
    2. Development of the Operator Controlled Crack Sealing Machine – The Long Reach Arm and Control Unit; Baker, T.L., Hemmerlin, B.D., Feng, X., Bennett, D.A., and Velinsky, S.A., AHMCT Research Report #UCD-ARR-99-06-30-02, 1999, 202 pp.
    3. Assessment of Cone Placement Methods and the Development of Automated Machine Specifications And An Integrated System Concept White; W.A., Siacunco, J.P., Tseng, P.K., Spano, J.S., Bennett, D.A. and Velinsky, S.A., AHMCT Research Report #UCD-ARR-94-10-30-01, 1994, 36 pp.
    4. Operator controlled, vehicle-based highway crack-sealing machine; S. A. Velinsky, X. Feng, D. A. Bennett, International Journal of Vehicle Design, Heavy Vehicle Systems Volume 10, No.3,2003 ISSN 1351-7848, 2003, 145 pp.
    5. Robotic Machine for Highway Crack Sealing D. A. Bennett, X. Feng and S. A. Velinsky, Journal of the Transportation Research Board No.1827,2003 No.03-3355,18pp
    6. Vehicle Integration and Testing of the Operator Controlled Crack Sealing Machine; Feng, X., Bennett, D.A. and Velinsky, S.A., AHMCT Research Report #UCD-ARR-02-06-30-06, 2002, 32 pp.


    Velinsky, S.A. and Bennett, D.A., “Apparatus for Dispensing Pavement Sealants,”
    Patent No.: US 6,809,294 B2. Oct. 26 2004
    Patent No.: US 7,214,907 B2. May 8, 2007