Toolbox for Vegetation Control


Scoring System


Public SafetyWorker SafetyEnvironmetCost & Efficiency

Minimize Health Risk (40):

Minimize Fire Risk (30):

Minimize Traffic Congestion (10):

Minimize Damage to Roadway Surface (20):

Minimize Manual Labor (20):

Minimize Safety Equipment Required (20):

Minimize Foot Labor (30):

Minimize Exposure to Chemicals (30):

Decreases or Avoids Chemical Concentration (50):

Decreases or Avoids Runoff (10):

Decreases or Avoids Erosion (20):

Minimize Fire Risk (20):

Minimizes Cost (35):

Decreases Treatment Time (35):

Decreases Treatment Frequency (20):

Resistant to Extreme Weather Conditions (10):

This internet tool uses the fuzzy values of Good, OK, Bad to generate raw scores for an individual piece of equipment. Once all of the equipment in a set has been scored with this tool the whole set has to be normalized for the comparison tables. A more detailed explination can be found in PDF here.