Toolbox for Vegetation Control


High Pressure Water

high pressure

What is This Treatment?

This is a hydro-mechanical control method that uses high pressure water to physically cut vegetation. Water from a storage tank is compressed to 3,000-7,000 psi and then directed out a high pressure nozzle attached to a hand held wand. Simply aim the wand and undesired plants and it will cut them like a blade. The cuttings can be either mulched back into the soil or pushed clear by the water stream.

When to Use This Treatment?

High pressure water is very good in areas where herbicides are not allowed and it can reach areas impossible to do with a mower. It also has the ability to clear out normally hard to deal with plants such as pampas grass. The only noted environmental concern is soil erosion. After a treatment is finished it poses no threat to people or animals. Can be used to remove plants growing in cracks, around posts, and at the base of guardrails; care must be taken because it can erode wood and asphalt.





A automated machine designed for larger scale applications would reduce the cost per acre and speed up the treatment.