Toolbox for Vegetation Control


Portable Flame Burner

Image of Flame Engineering Propane Torch Kit

What is This System?

This system allows a single operator to apply high temperature flame directly to undesired vegetation. A torch wand is used to focus the flame. The fuel is supplied by a single propane tank mounted on a cart or back-pack type configuration.

When to Use This System?

It is most effective to use flaming when the vegetation is relatively small, 1-4 inches tall. A slow walking pace is usually sufficient when applying the flame, burning vegetation until it is blackened is not necessary. For best results, repeat applications may be needed. Vegetation that is much larger than 4 inches may require extended exposure to the flame for desired results. For increased safety it is recommended that the flaming be performed during the late winter, the early spring time at the beginning of the vegetation greening.