Toolbox for Vegetation Control


Super Heated Steam


What is This Treatment?

Using hot water to kill unwanted vegetation has been around for many years. Water, heated to boiling, is applied to unwanted vegetation. Heat causes the plants cells to burst; heat also melts away its outer waxy coating. The plant is essentially cooked and will dehydrate in a few days. Variations of this approach use hot water, hot steam, hot foam, and super heated steam.

When to Use This Treatment?

Hot steam (or any of its variations) is very good in areas where herbicides are not allowed and it can reach areas impossible to do with a mower. Because it is nothing more than hot water there are no environmental concerns and after complete it poses no threat to people or animals. This method is effective at kill plants growing in cracks, around posts, at the base of guardrails and around the base of tress without hurting them.






An automated machine designed for larger scale applications would reduce the cost per acre and speed up the treatment.