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This site is meant to help plan Work Zone Barriers by allowing quick comparisons of barriers and attenuators that have either been approved for use by Caltrans per "NCHRP 350" or are being evaluated for use.

This is a "live" site. Initial content has been provided by the Advanced Highway Maintenance and Construction Technology (AHMCT) Research Center at UC Davis and the web sites of the Federal Highway Administration, NCHRP, and numerous other state DOTs. Special thanks to IDOT, MdDOT, MODOT, NYSDOT, VDOT, and WSDOT. For quick access to these sites, see the Links page under the Help page using the navigation bar to the left.

You can participate by registering and contributing to the content.

If you are just starting, please go first to the Help page. On the opening page, you will find explanations of the following useful resources. You really cannot procede without knowing that these resources exist.


Guidelines for device testing and the results of those tests.

Caltrans Approved Products List

A list of all Caltrans approved products and descriptions of those products.

Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD)

National standards for using traffic control devices.

California MUTCD

Supplemental standards for using traffic control devices in California.

Caltrans Standard Plans

Information about Caltrans operations.

Maintenance Manual Volume 1, July 2006

Caltrans maintenance practices and procedures.

Construction Manual, December 2006 revision

Caltrans construction organization, practices and procedures.

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The purpose of this site is to help plan Work Zones.

The basic idea is to present basic information about barriers and attentuators in a format that will allow quick comparisons in support of Work Zone planning. The primary sources of the information presented here are NCHRP 350 approval letters. The next steps in developing these pages are to improve the information presented and to review the presentation format. This will require practitioner input.

This site is hosted by AHMCT at UC Davis. The content of these pages reflects work in progress. Please send comments to ahmctWeb (at)