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Workshop Intro

Prof. Bahram Ravani



State of Caltrans problems with Corrosion in Winter Maintenance Equipment

George Edwards and Geno Cervantes



Corrosion Mitigation – Lessons from Utah and Other State DOT’s

Henry Canipe

The Kercher Group Inc.


Recycle Rinse Water

Russel Modrell



Best Practices in Preventing and Mitigating the Corrosion Risk of Roadway Deicers

Prof. Xianming Shi

Washington State University


What is WSDOT Doing to Minimize Impacts of Corrosion

Greg Hansen

Washington State DOT


Corrosion Protection Technology

Doug Burke

Ohio DOT


Workshop Panel Discussion 01


Workshop Panel Discussion 02



Jim L. Appleton

Division Chief, DRISI, Caltrans


Corrosion Prevention Methods

James Chupas

Connecticut DOT


Corrosion Mitigation in Maintenance Equipment

Rick Nelson

AASHTO, SICOP Coordinatior


Chemical Agent Resistant Coating (CARC)

Andrew Sheetz

USMC Naval Surface Warfare Center Carderock Division


Workshop Questions and Topics for Discussion

Bahram Ravani