Questions for Participants

  1. What are the experiences of transportation organizations that use CPT in winter maintenance?
  2. What are some of the benefits and challenges in using this technology?
  3. What are the common equipment or devices and material that offer reliable CPT?
  4. What are some of the best practices in using CPT in winter maintenance operations?
  5. What are some of the shortcomings of commercially available systems, products, and services in this area?
  6. What are some of the procedures and operational frameworks used by maintenance practitioners such as use of washing methods, deicing materials and methods and equipment modification materials and methods?
  7. What are some of the workflow and implementation issues?
  8. What investment in facilities are needed for effective corrosion mitigation?
  9. When using galvanized metal, what are some of the design considerations to keep in
    mind? Also when mounting a galvanized part to vehicle what precautions should be
    taken to prevent galvanic corrosion? This will also apply to the mounting of aluminum
    truck bodies.
  10. Welds are hard to coat and time consuming to grind and prepare correctly for coating.
  11. What are the advancements in adhesives for building bodies out of sheet metal or light
    gauge metal, such as utility bodies, cargo bodies, and etc.?
  12. What are best management practices from start to finish that prepare equipment for
    corrosion prevention?
  13. What type of systems can we put in place to prevent or slow down further corrosion?
  14. What type of materials do you select/use that will reduce corrosion?
  15. What are maintenance practices for corrosion prevention?
  16. Use of corrosion prevention best practices and how they are implemented?
  17. How can we build in equipment corrosion prevention?
  18. What are corrosion costs vs life cycle costs?
  19. How material use/re-use has an effect on corrosion?
  20. How to get repair cost savings and better protect assets?
  21. There is a need to look at where we spend money/time due to equipment corrosion.
    What is the downtime of equipment? Is it just cosmetic?
  22. Use of sacrificial coatings on equipment wires and other items that help to prevent
  23. How to work with local pollution control districts to come to good solutions for using
    wash racks and what to do with wastewater.
  24. Recycling wash water to make brine.
  25. Solutions for using portable wash racks in areas they can’t wash trucks.