About Us


The AHMCT Research Center performs applied research leading to the development of innovative technologies in the areas of highway construction, maintenance, and operations, which can lead to the deployment of these technologies. Our focus is on improving safety, mobility, and efficiency with the goals of lean operations, reliability, and minimizing environmental impacts. The Center has aligned its research with and has been partnered with Caltrans since 1991. Within this partnership, AHMCT performs full research, preliminary investigations, and evaluations based on customer requests, with research scope developed collaboratively to ensure customer needs are met.


  • Automated and Robotic Equipment
  • Machine Guidance Technology
  • Work Zone Safety & Collision Mitigation Technologies
  • Driver Assist Technologies and Software
  • Applications of TLS & MTLS
  • Evaluation of Emerging Technologies and Systems
  • Sensing and Monitoring Technologies
  • Lean and Sustainable Maintenance Technologies
  • Technologies for Winter Maintenance
  • Technologies
  • Digital Design & Construction/Civil Integration Management
  • Sensing Software for Traffic Monitoring Operations
  • Remote/Tele-operated Vehicles
  • IoT (Internert of Things) Applications in Fleet Equipment Management
  • Asset Management
  • GIS/GPS Applications
  • Database Integration and Automated Data Extraction
  • Cost Benefit and Life Cycle Analysis
  • Quality Control and Quality Assurance
  • Zero Emission Vehicles and Planning for Carbon Reduction
  • Automated and Connected Vehicle Technologies
  • Unmanned Aerial Systems & Drones
  • Automated Machinery Diagnostics & Prognostics
  • Sustainability Decion-Making



Photo of Bahram Ravani

Professor Bahram Ravani

Work zone safety, worker safety and work zone injuries, Data Science and Database Development and Analysis, MTLS, GPS, Virtual Design and Construction / Civil Integrated Management, Driver Assistance Systems, Robotics & Automation, Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence Applications.

Ty Lasky

Dr. Ty Lasky

Mechatronic system design and development, traveler safety, worker safety, Driver Assistance Systems, Wrong-Way Driving, Winter Maintenance Technologies, Robotics & Automation, Real-Time Sensing & Control, MTLS and LiDAR, GPS/GIS, Open-Source Software Development, Remote and Teleoperated Control, Unmanned Aerial Systems, Advanced Traffic Management Systems, system evaluations.



Iman Soltani

Professor Iman Soltani

Connected and Automated Vehicles, Remote and Teleoperated Control, Machine Intelligence and Deep Learning, Automation (Control, Precision Positioning, Robotics),Unmanned Aerial Systems, Machinery Health Monitoring (Vibration and Acoustic Signal Analysis, Signal Processing, Data Efficient Learning for Industrial Diagnosis), system evaluations.

Barbara Linke

Professor Barbara Linke

Quality Control and Assurance, Sustainable Manufacturing and Product Design, Life Cycle Analysis, Sustainability Decision-Making, Data-Driven and Smart Engineering, Operator Skill Evaluation, system evaluations.

Photo of Shima Nazari

Professor Shima Nazari

Low Emission and Zero Emission Vehicles, Connected and Automated Vehicles, Dynamics and Control, Electrified and Automated Vehicles, Powertrain Electrification and Hybridization, Vehicle-to-Building Charging (V2B), system evaluations.

Farzaneh Khorsandi

Professor Farzaneh Khorsandi

Design and test safety structures, vehicle tracking devices, incident detectionand notification devices, and simulating vehicle incidents in experimental tests and via computer.