Current Projects

Orange Contrasted Temporary Pavement Delineation in Construction Zones
Improved Maintenance Methods for Bridge Drains and Expansion Joints
Evaluation of Next-Generation CCTV Encoder for ITS Field Elements
Research and Development of the Caltrans' Geospatial Technology Proving Ground
Integration of Thermal Infrared (IR) Imaging into the Caltrans Inspection Program for Pavements and Bridge Decks
Development of a Maintenance Prioritization Assessment and Safety Tool
AHMCT Preliminary Research and Investigations
Responder Study - Interim Phase II - Continued Support for Responder Transition
Comparison of New and Existing Caltrans Hopper Body and Tailgate Sanders Phase 1
Review of Equipment and Accessories for Truck-Mounted Attenuator Trucks
Development and Testing of an Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) Cellular & Wi-Fi Repeater: Phase 1
Public Safety Power Shutdown (PSPS) Hydrogen Fuel Mitigation Pilot
Research Implementation Accelerator: Workshops and Seed Funding Program
Targeted Warning Messages to Protect Moving and Stationary Maintenance Lane Closures
Evaluation of Unmanned Surface Vessel-Based Topographic and Bathymetric Survey System in Flood Conditions

Cost-benefit Analysis for Concrete vs Metal Guardrails and Wood vs Metal Posts for Signs and Guardrails

Caltrans Field Trials of the Intelligent Truck-Mounted Attenuator (ITMA)
AHMCT Research Center Support for 65A0749
Development of a Maintenance Prioritization Assessment and Safety Tool-check

SpaceX Starlink Satellite Broadband Communications for ITS

Evaluation of mobile robot teams for security of Caltrans equipment yards
Roadside safety performance measures for specific countermeasures to protect workers
Preliminary Investigation for Multimodal Common Operating Picture (COP) for Emergency Services