AHMCT Facilities

The AHMCT Research Center is based in the Academic Surge Building at the University of California, Davis campus. The approximately 6,000 square feet of Academic Surge space includes: Rapid Prototyping Laboratory, Electronics Laboratory, Robotics Laboratory, AHMCT Center Office, and offices for the Co-Directors, students, and staff.

Additionally, AHMCT is partner with the UC Pavement Research Center (PRC) in the newly completed Advanced Transportation Infrastructure Research Center (ATIRC) facility. The 7.5 acre ATIRC site is approximately 2.5 miles west of campus off of Hopkins Road, just west of the UCD airport. The site includes a 20,000 square feet building which houses the AHMCT Vehicle Integration Laboratory, in addition to machine shop, weld shop, and office and conference space. ATIRC is the primary AHMCT facility for fabrication of equipment and integration of its field-deployable vehicles. The ATIRC site additionally houses 2 vehicle test tracks, one for testing the new generation of highway equipment developed at AHMCT and the other for testing PRC’s new generation of pavement designs. AHMCT Laboratory facilities are equipped with a wide variety of equipment such as industrial robots, fabrication equipment, and computers.

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AHMCT Business Office
(530) 752-5981
1003 Academic Surge

ATIRC Facility
3327 Apiary Drive
Davis, CA 95616

Ph.D. Students Workroom
(530) 752-6957
1014 Academic Surge

Robotics Lab
(530) 752-6179
1123 Academic Surge

Instrumentation Lab
(530) 752-6179
1048 Academic Surge

Rapid Prototyping Lab
(530) 752-3900
1308 Academic Surge