Who We Are

The AHMCT Research Center was established in 1991 and it investigates the application of advanced sensing, communications, information and network technologies, automation, and robotics to highway maintenance, construction and operations. The emphasis of the past research has been on the development of human-centric systems and software; these are systems where human plays a key role in their control or utilization. The AHMCT Research Center is recognized worldwide as a leader in development of such technologies for transportation applications, and deploys about two integrated prototype machines, devices, systems, or software applications each year into California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) operations for detailed beta testing, which ultimately leads to commercialization of the developed technology. In this process, the AHMCT Research Center has developed extensive experience working with industry and with a mission-oriented agency (namely Caltrans). Currently, the AHMCT Research Center has enlarged the application of its areas of research and advanced technology development to include other human-centric environments beyond highway maintenance, construction, and operations.

The AHMCT Research Center has extensive robotic system development,  software system engineering development, sensor development, and GPS/INS (Inertial Navigation System) integration experience, including successful projects providing significant cost/benefit in areas including Advanced Transportation Management, asset management, remote sensing and communications, and GPS/GIS sensing and visualization.

AHMCT researchers have twenty-nine years of experience in deployment-focused and field-oriented research and development, particularly for highway maintenance and work zones. The Center’s mission is the application of automation and robotics to improve the safety of workers and the traveling public, while also addressing efficiency of operations, reliability of infrastructure, and impact on the environment and the traveling public. With twenty-eight years of cooperative research and development with Caltrans, AHMCT has grown strong working relationships across Caltrans’ Divisions, including Research, Maintenance, Construction, Equipment, Traffic Operations, and Land Surveys. The Center’s carefully-crafted development process includes guidelines and systems engineering methodologies to incorporate Caltrans workers and management from project concept through development and eventual deployment. AHMCT maintains an intense focus on deployment and commercialization, as these are key issues for our research partner, Caltrans. We continue to explore multiple avenues for product deployment, from commercial licensing and development to transfer of specifications and designs to Caltrans Equipment Service Center (ESC). Our in-depth understanding of Caltrans methods, needs, equipment, and personnel is a significant asset in the proposed research.