AHMCT at ITS World Congress 2022

AHMCT at ITS World Congress 2022

ITS World Congress 2022 in Los Angeles


“Transformation by Transportation.” The Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) World Congress 2022 provides a platform that unites the whole industry. It connects people together, provides exposure to new ideas, and celebrates the latest innovations in smart mobility and transport digitalization.


AHMCT had the opportunity to showcase two of their active research projects at the ITS World Congress in Los Angeles from September 19th through September 21st. The projects presented were the intelligent TMA and the portable responder units. The intelligent TMA provides a smart mobility in which people can convey between places in a more safely manner and higher efficiency.   The portable responder units were designed to ensure communications between people on a worksite was more accessible and efficient. AHMCT research focuses on innovating and developing transportation technology to fulfill the movement needs of people and businesses.  AHMCT was honored to present the two projects to 100 attendees at the outdoor demonstration areas.


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Peek view of the ITS World Congress 2022


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NTSB Chair Jennifer Homendy spoke this morning about safe and equitable mobility. "We're still waiting nearly 30 years after we've recommended connected vehicle technology to save lifes."
TMA Project at ITSWC 2022
AHMCT presenting the TMA Project at ITS World Congress 2022


To find out more about the ITS World Congress, please visit: https://itsa.org/events/