A Letter from AHMCT Directors

Welcome Students!


It is a great pleasure to welcome you as a new member of the AHMCT team.  The Advanced Highway Maintenance and Construction Technology Research Center (AHMCT) has a tradition for developing advanced technologies for highway tasks for over three decades.  This unique partnership between Caltrans and the University of California, Davis, and the close working relationship between the respective staffs of AHMCT and Caltrans, have led to the successful deployment of  integrated prototype machines, devices, systems, or software applications each year into Caltrans operations for detailed beta testing.  The field testing has produced a plentitude of results, and several of our machines are in various stages of the commercialization process. 

While we have concentrated on applying advanced technologies to make highway operations more efficient and safer for both the workers and the traveling public, AHMCT has been producing students who are already impacting the engineering field.  AHMCT alumni are contributing at universities, national laboratories, state agencies, and in private industry.

The hard work of AHMCT staff and students has led to an assortment of successes, and has in turn resulted in a wide range of outstanding well-equipped facilities.  As an AHMCT team member, you will be entitled to the use of many of these facilities.  Please be sure to read our center policies and complete all required forms.

I hope that you will find your work at the AHMCT Research Center to be both challenging and rewarding.

Welcome Aboard!

Bahram Ravani & Ty Lasky
Co-Directors of AHMCT


Co-Directors of AHMCT